Grizzly Adams Needs a Home


Grizzly, taken just now

Most of the littermates of the 3.0 kitteh have been spoken for, but there’s one kitten left for adoption. My niece named her Grizzly when she was tiny b/c she was the crybaby of the litter (kind of like calling the biggest guy in prison “Tiny”). She quickly grew out of that and we appended the Adams on her name, though we usually just call her Grizz. If you give her a good home (which should include spaying, please!), you can call her whatever you like.

Grizz is all black (which makes it hard to get cute pictures of her, sorry, but trust me that she is gorgeous) with short fur that is silkier than my dead grandmother’s mink coat from the ’40s. Seriously, petting this cat is one of the most luxurious tactile experiences I’ve ever had. If we hadn’t had to restrict ourselves to keeping two, I’d definitely have kept her. She has a delicate face and a sleek body with a normal/long tail. She slinks as elegantly as a panther and pounces around with the joy all the kittens had when they were still tiny.


I used a flash to try and make her more visible.

She’s litter trained (we use the recycled pine stuff that is compostable/flushable), and knows how to use one of those cardboard scratchers. She’s not a slathering lapcat, but purrs when petted, is happy to be picked up (unless she’s in the middle of something), and does a very satisfying head rub when she’s happy. She’s used to other cats (has been living with her littermates, mother, and my original cat, Lucy, who’s 13) and would probably be happy to be in a household with another animal. That said, she’d also probably be fine being the only cat… not much seems to faze her.

Detective Mittens and Grizz

Detective Mittens (left) spooning Grizz (right)

I’m moving out to Tybee Island and need to find her a home asap. If anyone from the Savannah area is interested, I’ll be in town this Friday, and then again next week when I move, so could deliver her. Anyone coming to WordCamp Savannah could also pick her up at/after the event. Anywhere else and we can talk about when/where/how. Interested? She’s an awesome little cat/big kitten (about 16 weeks), and I’d like to be sure she gets a home where she’ll be loved and well cared-for. She’ll make someone a wonderful, loving companion: could it be you? Shoot me an email using the contact form on this site to tell me why you’d be a good person to take “the Grizz”and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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