WCSF Shirt

I am super-grateful that Randall Munroe replied to my IRC ping and gave his permission for us to use an xkcd strip as the basis for the WordCamp San Francisco shirts. You all know how much I love working on WC shirt designs (2 years in NYC, 1 in Savannah), so working on this one was an extra treat. #867 was one of my first choices, since it’s conference based. I changed herpetologists and ornithologists to developers and bloggers, and wrote some replacement text. Chelsea Otakan turned the PNG into a vector and used a fan-created font to approximate the look of real xkcd text. Mike Ritchey at High Voltage Productions (formerly Lo-fi Custom), who works with a lot of WordCamps on custom shirt printing, did some adjusting to make sure it would be legible. They’re being printed right now on sweatshop-free tees in a cheerful, summery blue color. And here is the WCSF2011 shirt art:

WCSF 2011 shirt design