Will Work For Music*

Note: This was originally posted on an internal work blog. Then I remembered that my co-workers aren’t the only people with digital music libraries.

Tomorrow morning I will get into a 16′ rental truck with a broken radio and begin a drive that will be a minimum of 17 hours over 2 days (with my mother driving in her car behind me). Not having anticipated this, I have the wrong laptop with me — no music on it — and my iphone only has a playlist on it from my last drive with Morgan (in other words, mostly Glee soundtrack, ouch).

If anyone is bored today and wants to throw together some music and put it on dropbox or some such for me so I could download it tonight and make a tiny dent in the driving monotony tomorrow and Monday, that would be awesome, and I’d owe you one. I’ll love just about anything except contemporary country, Christian rock**, death metal, or obnoxious top 40 like Ke$ha.*** Bonus if anyone does a playlist that encourages singalongs (it’s a good way to stay alert on the road).

Once I get today’s packing/loading done I will be on an expedition to find a place within 60 miles to buy a decent portable speaker (oh, x-mini, why did I leave you in my car at home?) and an ipod I can use for the trip (so my phone won’t die out, will need it for internet and phone), so I will have gigs and gigs (well, probably 16) of room to fill.


If you want to send me music, you can email a link to your dropbox file to me at jane at wordpress.org. Or, if you have music to share but no dropbox space left, I could give you access to my folder.

Many thanks!

* In exchange for road trip tunes I will continue to do my part to keep WordPress pretty and useful.

** Though actual gospel music is okay — did you know that once upon a time I sang tenor in a gospel choir?

*** G6, my a$$.

SxSW Road Trip

I waited too long to buy my flights, and the prices are astronomical. I did some math (math!) figuring out the hards and soft costs of flying at those prices vs doing a bigass road trip and taking two extra days for travel, and I think I’m going to hit the pavement in the Prius. Matt’s been after me to take a vacation day or two here and there to break things up, and though ten-hours days of driving aren’t the equivalent of snorkeling in Mexico, the enforced offline-ness, solitude (coming immediately before and after social overload for a week), and independence (no worrying about missed flights, liquids in bags, lost luggage, etc) has led me to choose the open road. It’s been a while since I had a decent road trip. Just need to work out music for the drive and which route to take (down to Jacksonville and over through Mobile and Houston, or up to Atlanta and over to Birmingham and Shreveport). Any suggestions on route welcome.