Jbug Update 5/25

I posted this update to Kickstarter just now, but thought I’d archive it here. You never know with third-party systems how long they’ll be around, right?

It’s been a week since the last update and Memorial Day weekend is upon us. We’re not open yet! Bummer, but what can you do. Inspectors who said they would come around 4-5 days ago didn’t, and at this point everything that happens has dependencies that tie back to interval approvals from the inspectors. Based on where we are now, it looks like the first week of June (I’ll give that an 80% confidence rating). That means it’s time to schedule the grand opening party for a couple of weeks later! It will be on June 20, so anyone who was planning to come out for it should mark their calendars. And now, the update.

Since last week:


  • Door handles/locks have been installed, and the fire inspector signed off on them.
  • Electrician came yesterday and said that since the 2-door cooler and the kegerator I ordered use so little power (I went for Energy Star models, of course), it should be no problem to have them on the same circuit. Yay!
  • Register stand from Tinkering Monkey has shipped.
  • Bought a coffee brewer from a guy who upgraded to a faster machine. Found him through the guy who set up the espresso machine, and though it was an hour’s drive each way to pick it up, it saved us around $400.
  • Fire marshal signed off on the handrails and the concrete pad at the bottom of the ramp.
  • The painter is putting up additional steel around the hood per fire marshal instruction yesterday. The fire caulk is actually yellow. Should hopefully be finished today.
  • Painter finished painting yesterday. I totally called it.
  • Ordered a drop-in water-filling and ice chest station. ($700)
  • Sold the chest freezers. Gave a really cheap deal to the person who came to look at just one of them. That got them out of the back room and it meant supporting a cool local business at the same time. It’s a mobile farm food truck!
  • Ordered the cabinet for the water/ice/sink setup, but it will probably not be here for another 5-10 days. Will probably open without it and install on arrival if health inspector will allow.
  • Ordered rolling cart for bus tubs/trash station, and a bunch of bus tubs.
  • Shelves installed in back room. Ordered food storage containers to sit on them.
  • Replaced exit sign batteries, only to find that one more has gone out. Back to Batteries Plus!
  • Cleared out more stuff, washed more stuff, ordered more little stuff (like heat resistant spoonulas!)
  • Obtained permit from City Hall to have outlets reconnected.

What’s coming this week:

  • Electrician comes on Tuesday to make the outlets in the dining room live (laptop juice, yay). ($330)
  • Install fire extinguishers.
  • Finish fire caulking, replace last exit sign battery.
  • Have fire inspector come back to do live safety inspection.
  • Hook up ipad/square reader/cash drawer/receipt printer when Tinkering Monkey stand arrives.
  • Sell or donate remaining old coolers in bar area.
  • Get signoff from building inspector on the handrails and concrete pad at bottom of ramp.
  • Paint touchups.
  • Weekend effort to sell stuff, donations following week for anything still here.
  • Buy or build tables and chairs/benches. Leaning toward build.
  • Order a blender.
  • Finish off counter.
  • Scrape old decorative paint from windows.
  • Re-do passthrough countertop bc painter painted over my special countertop surface, argh.
  • Order trash/recycling/compost containers for bus station.
  • Get art for walls.
  • Order last round of pans.
  • Order eco-friendly to-go supplies.
  • Order a bunch of miscellaneous other stuff.
  • Meet exterminator today.
  • Health inspector visit today to check progress.
  • Better Hometown Coordinator form City Hall visit today for same reason.
  • Order food and drinks for opening.
  • Place ad for employees, interview, hire.

It’s supposed to rain this weekend, but I’m thinking I’ll see if I can round up any of the locals who’ve offered to help to do a mini-work weekend. If I can get a couple of people with pickups, we could get lumber for tables and haul some stuff away for donations and/or trash. If I can get a couple of people with tools (and comfort using them) we can build two farm tables and seating benches to go with them. And a few people to help clean stuff, sell stuff, and generally get things ready. 🙂

Here’s hoping that this time next week we are inspection-ready, or have already passed.

Until next time!