iPhone testing at WordCamp Portland

I’ll be doing some usability testing of WordPress and the WordPress iPhone app (new beta version!) while I’m in Portland for WordCamp (9/16-22). I’ve got five beta tester slots being held for participants (we can only have a total of 100 beta testers). If you use WordPress on your iPhone and would like to try the new beta version (and will be attending WordCamp), let me know.

**Update: Due to high demand, I’ll be raffling off the slots. Send me an email, or @janeforshort on twitter by 9pm tonight pacific time to let me know you’re interested, and I’ll pick 4 beta testers at random (one slot was already promised when I realized there would be more demand than supply). If you don’t get picked, you can still help with testing… I’ll have my iPhone at the WordCamp, and will let people try the beta app that way as well.


I don’t really use our iPhone app… I don’t enjoy typing on the touchscreen for more than a short text message, and I don’t love how long it takes to complete actions (due more to AT&T than to WordPress, I believe). We have a new version going into beta soon, though, and I’ve downloaded the simulator so I can review the UI, so I thought I should use my airport wait time today to refresh my memory of the current app. So far it’s pretty much the same as I remember. I’m hoping to get the simulator going tonight, so I can maybe mention what’s coming in my talk this weekend at WordCamp Montreal (“The Future of WordPress”). Time to go through security!