Open Source Fantasy

I want John Lilly’s WordCamp SF presentation to marry WordPress and have cute little open source babies that are born knowing how to collaborate effectively, communicate and enable a combination of curated and distributed decisions, and bewitch users and contributing developers into never saying a snotty thing again because they are so happy with how pretty the babies are turning out to be.


Missed Miami due to flight mixup. Denver WordCamp was great, got lots of good ideas. Am leaving for Mexico for a week, and will be staying in a place with no electricity, so if you email me, I probably won’t get it until I’m back the week of March 9th.

Upcoming WordCamps: Miami and Denver

I’ll be at the Miami WordCamp (part of BarCamp) this Sunday, 2/22, along with fellow Automattician Doug Hanna. Are you going? If so, find me and say hi! Even better, find me and give me a 30-second tour of how you use WordPress on your site and let me videotape it. And as always, find me and tell me the things you love and hate about WordPress, feature-wise, so we can bear it in mind for future planning.

Right after I get back from Miami, I’ll be heading to Denver for the WordCamp there. It’s almost sold out, and it’s being held at the Denver Art Museum (of which I was a member in 2000), which should be a great venue. It’s right across the way from the Denver Public Library, which is also an old favorite. They were one of the first public libraries I used that had self-checkout machines. I may still owe them some overdue fines. I should look into that when I’m there.

The Denver event is on 2/28, and will have speakers like Matt Mullenweg, Alex King and a bunch of other impressive people. If you’re in the area, you should go! And the stuff about finding me and saying hello in Miami applies to Denver as well. I’ll be in Denver from the 26th until the 2nd to do some work with the guys at Intense Debate, after which I’m heading to Mexico for a week’s vacation.