A Bakery? Also, OMGOMGOMG!

This post has the potential to be as long as the scarf I made Matt for his birthday. Knowing that, I’ll try to keep it short and to the point. Opportunity knocked last week and I decided to answer. No, I’m not leaving WordPress or Automattic; get your mind out of the gutter. The owner of a small restaurant here on Tybee (Charly’s) is retiring and selling his place, and $10,000 was plunked down as a deposit to buy it so that it could house:
Jitterbug: eat. drink. blog.
I want to turn it into a bakery/internet cafe/WordPressy community gathering space. Bake in the morning to force some non-computer time, then do my usual WP stuff in the lulls. I wrote a 20-page business plan full of stats and projections, and some smart money types tell me it looks good. But wait! I’ve spent all my money in the last few years on things like raising my brother’s kids, buying braces for same, helping my mom buy her house down here, and stuff like that. I am broke! I can’t afford to turn this place into the vision of awesomeness I see in my head, despite the below-market price and my plan to take a loan out against my 401k. So: crowdfunding!

The project — the Jitterbug Bakery — was accepted to Kickstarter yesterday, and on Monday once I finish their project setup, I’ll launch a fundraising campaign there. I also set up a WordPress site with a paypal plugin for the non-Kickstarter types, which would mean less lost to fees. If you want to help me make this thing a reality, I’d love it if you’d pitch in (rewards range from my brownies and Jitterbug swag to website setups and reviews), but will in no way hold it against you if you don’t.

small green house with a deck with seating

The building in question: the future Jitterbug

Did you know a decent refurbished espresso setup costs up to $15k? And I don’t even drink coffee!

So if you ever thought to yourself, “I wish I could buy Jane a [drink, dinner, iPad, car] to show her how much I appreciate all she does,” here’s your chance! I’ll provide the drinks and dinner if you come visit the Jitterbug, I don’t like iPads, and I have a car I like. I put up a site at BuyJaneABakery.com that is pretty much just what it sounds like. It has all the info on what I (we, if you include my mom and Morgan!) want to create for my local community. The Contribute page has a donation widget at the bottom. Yes, a bit hidden. The Personal Fundraising plugin I wanted to use was pretty and awesome but more trouble than it was worth. If you’re a Kickstarter type of person, I’ll update this post by Monday when the project goes live there.

If you ever really loved me, help me buy a bakery!

18 thoughts on “A Bakery? Also, OMGOMGOMG!

  1. Wow, Jane! What an adventure! I’m a Kickstarter kind of guy, so I’ll be back on Monday. Let’s get you a bakery 🙂

  2. Fantastique! I just know Jitterbug will be a happenin’ spot on Tybee. Good Luck Jane…

  3. I like the idea. I know you’ve baked in the past and I’ve never had a chance to try it but I’d like to some day. Looks like supporting your endeavor would put me that much closer to the opportunity. Count me in as helping you out on Monday via Kickstarter.

  4. Wowzers! Oh so super – and another reason to head to Tybee! Let me just say this: please please please have a Cinnamon-Cardamom Sweet Roll.

  5. As my way of supporting your plans, I’ll give you this thought (to consider). You would be better sinking cash into the business rather than buying the property. It will give your new venture a better chance of success, cashflow-wise. Good luck and all the very best!!

  6. There’s a coffeehouse named Jitters two blocks from my apartment. I thought it was a cute name, but Jitterbug is plainly cuter. 🙂

    Kudos for shaking it up, and best of luck on your bloggy café.

  7. I think Rich meant to buy the place on Investment and simply pay bank only the mortgage interest, for a while, till you earn more money on weekly bases. It will be yours later. I hope you get this lace.

  8. It’s always good to see info & code-type folks remember & remind, to keep a part of our attention & time on real things in the real world. 🙂


  9. I’m afraid that I don’t have the ability to help you buy the building. However, I visited Tybee Island for the very first time last week and was enchanted by it. I would love to visit again some day (soon I hope). You can count on me to be a customer. Good luck with your new adventure/venture. I hope that it turns out fabulously well for you.

    Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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