This morning, Morgan and I went for a walk as part of the Automattic wwwp5k. We walked down to the beach, down the side of the island, up the other to the marsh, and then back home. All told, Runkeeper said it was 4.43 miles (see route). It was insanely hot, but we kept going, each wearing a WordCamp shirt to represent (Savannah for me, NYC for her). Took some pictures along the way. (There are also a couple more at the runkeeper route link, tied to place taken.) Thumbnails link to full-size images.

2 thoughts on “WWWP5K

  1. Beautiful run! I’m just one state up, but we had fog and a chilly start this morning, so my run photos seem dreary compared to yours. I’ve heard the jellyfish are out like crazy- and saw your pictures of them. Ew. Congrats on making the run!

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