SxSW Road Trip

I waited too long to buy my flights, and the prices are astronomical. I did some math (math!) figuring out the hards and soft costs of flying at those prices vs doing a bigass road trip and taking two extra days for travel, and I think I’m going to hit the pavement in the Prius. Matt’s been after me to take a vacation day or two here and there to break things up, and though ten-hours days of driving aren’t the equivalent of snorkeling in Mexico, the enforced offline-ness, solitude (coming immediately before and after social overload for a week), and independence (no worrying about missed flights, liquids in bags, lost luggage, etc) has led me to choose the open road. It’s been a while since I had a decent road trip. Just need to work out music for the drive and which route to take (down to Jacksonville and over through Mobile and Houston, or up to Atlanta and over to Birmingham and Shreveport). Any suggestions on route welcome.

3 thoughts on “SxSW Road Trip

  1. Just discovered your blog! Curious which route you took. Being a Texan and spending years in Louisiana, I suggest I-10 for the sake of safety, speed and places to eat! Yes stops in Lafayette, Lake Charles, Beaumont, Houston and LaGrange will be some of the finest “eats” you ever ate.

    Enjoyed reading your blog and looking forward to joining the ranks of the WordPress blogging community soon. The project I’ve mapped out over the last couple of years involves WPMU, which I understand has been rolled up into WP3. Is that true?


  2. I’ve made that same road-trip before, but not because flight tickets were high, but because I just wanted to enjoy the sightseeing and such. If I had to do it again, I would definitely avoid driving through Atlanta.
    But also, I’ve found that the *time* cost spent taking a road-trip isn’t worth it. e.g. if the choice is to spend 18 hours driving vs. 2.5 hours flying and then the remaining 15.5 hours being productive, flying wins every time.

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