TripIt, You’re Killing Me.

So burned out on anything resembling a social network. That said, TripIt is pretty useful in a company like Automattic where most of us only see each other when we travel. When I first joined, I did the ‘find friends from your address book’ to fill out the people I see the most. However, for my work email, most people are not actually in my address book. My email client just autocompletes addresses that have been used before. I don’t, in fact, have ANY online address book that has a complete (or even close) roster. Anyway, I didn’t really care about the ux of adding connections on TripIt until just now. It seems that I can add from my email address book, or I can invite someone individually by entering their email. There does not seem to be a way to search for someone who’s already a member of TripIt. I could chalk that up to privacy, I guess, but someone just shared an itinerary with me, and there is no way to get connected from it. Her name isn’t linked, and there’s no place to search for her. Sure, I could go and enter her email and send her an “invite to TripIt” (vs. an invitation to connect on TripIt). But why can’t I just click her name, or search, or something?

In contrast, Dopplr was so much better. Making connections was as simple as clicking on their avatar when you saw them and realized you wanted to connect.

TripIt, I know we’ve all come over to your side of the playground, but this is one thing where Dopplr really just did it right.