WordPress 2011

End of the year means planning for the beginning of the coming year. I posted earlier today over on the .org blog about the fact that we’re going to be doing a core leadership meetup in January. Also made a forum thread taking suggestions for agenda and questions for a video town hall that we hope to do. In addition to planning the meetup (which we’re having here in Tybee so I don’t have to leave the kids), it’s time to update my list of things that I’m behind on working on/thinking about. Somehow that list just gets longer every year. I need to find some apprentices I can train and hand things off to when they’re ready. Which is one more thing to add to the list.

4 thoughts on “WordPress 2011

  1. Hello Jane,

    I beg you make me a moderator. I wanted to share my
    experiences in the forum. I see there are 2 moderator in the
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    that I can help both the moderator. Hopefully you can grant
    my request it. I already read Terms Of Service. Thank you.

    • The best thing for you to do is to just start answering questions in the forums. The existing moderators pay attention to who is answering questions, and if someone is really stepping up, the existing moderators are the ones who request for someone to be “promoted” to moderator status.

  2. Yes, I understand jane. That’s why I made moderators at the
    forum wordpress Indonesia. I will strive to help all wordpress
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    Thank you, for your attention.

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