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I’ve been with Automattic for a year and four months, according to LinkedIn. My title, Libation Engineer, is the result of mixing going-away cocktails with a firm stance on the negative impact of using words (like engineer) in a way that dilutes the traditional meaning. (Long story.) Anyway, my business cards say Libation Engineer (+user experience). The problem is that people either want to know the story behind it (see aforementioned ‘long story’ comment), or they think I’m a bartender (as my lawyer did). Since I’m about out of business cards, I asked Matt if I could change my title and he agreed.  I asked a handful of people for suggestions, and here are the top choices. If you think one is better than the others, please vote and help me pick my new title. You can also suggest something else, if you have any clever ideas.

My job description, such as it is, includes user experience design for the WordPress open source project and UX consulting on Automattic projects, some loose project management for the open source project, and working on community initiatives for both .org and .com. Oh, and I’m co-organizing WordCamp NYC, which will be super awesome, and you should come if you’re within a few hours. That probably shouldn’t affect your vote, though, since that’s something I’m mostly working on after hours, and after November 14-15, won’t be relevant anymore.

So vote: