Back to Work

Mexico was lovely, exactly the system reset I needed. Am thinking I should maybe just go live somewhere that I can go snorkeling on a regular basis. Anyway, now that I’m back on the clock, here’s what I’m working on/planning to work on (not in any particular order):

WordPress 2.8. PollDaddy redesign. Intense Debate design stuff. WordCamp stuff. Community volunteer stuff. Google Summer of Code stuff. stuff. store/domains process. Ideas forum. Start thinking ahead to 2.9. Will be posting the volunteer stuff on the dev blog over the coming week (based on WordCamp Denver presentation).

I’m in Austin already, and will be here for SxSW through the 18th or maybe a little later. I was going to say come and say hi at the WordPress BBQ Meetup on Sunday the 15th, but I see from the signup page that it’s sold out. If you’re already signed up, say hi to me there. If you didn’t sign up soon enough, but will be in Austin, I’ll be wandering around. Feel free to introduce yourself.

I’ll be going back and forth between interactive and film stuff, so anyone who wants to see a movie but doesn’t want to wait in line alone should email me. My usual line-waiting companion is out of commission this year with a new baby, so I need some new film-pass friends to pass the time in long film festival lines at Alamo and the Paramount. It’s a perfect opportunity to have my undivided attention as you tell me all your brilliant ideas/requests for the upcoming WordPress media management overhaul.  🙂