Rest of Trip Recap

Internet access was spotty for the rest of my trip, but basically….

  • Dorrigo was amazing, though the windy mountain road was kind of scary.
  • Next I went to Byron Bay, very pretty. Stayed at a hippie hostel called Arts Factory, made me realize I am too old to relive my youth.
  • Didn’t get around to snorkeling, because I smacked my head and wound up recovering for a week in a regular hotel room in Ballina, 20 miles away (hotels were full in Byron). Slept through the official launch of 2.7.
  • Stopped in Port Macquarie on the way back to Sydney.
  • Flew out, got in to SF, stayed for two nights, did some work, flew back to upstate NY.

Summary: Wallabies are cute, beaches are relaxing, summer is warm, NY is cold.

To make up for the lack of snorkeling, I’m going to Mexico with a friend in March.