Absentee Voters, Unite!

I know, I know, they hardly ever count the absentee votes because there’s enough of  a lead by one candidate to make the ballots irrelevant. This year might be different, though, so if you, like me, don’t stay in one place that long and are registered to vote somewhere other than where you’ll be on November 4, 2008, *please* take the time to either register as an absentee voter or change your voter registration to your current location (especially if you’re located in disputed territory!).

If you are unregistered: you still have time to register to vote. It’s fast, it’s easy, and not voting isn’t the most effective way to protest the system. Most states cut off voter registration in October to be eligible for the November election. If you need to register, check this list to see when your state’s cutoff date is. Or better yet, just go register to vote right now.

I know the electoral college seems silly sometimes, but given that an Ecotopian-style revolution seems unlikely anytime in the immediate future, voting will have the biggest impact right now. Do you want Sarah Palin running the country when McCain kicks the bucket? Do you want girls and women to die of back-alley abortions after more justices who want to make abortion illegal are appointed? Do you want us to continue wasting and depending on fossil fuels rather than investing renewables? You know the rhetoric, you might even spread it yourself. So get off your ass and vote this year.